2.2 System requirements

The Isovist_App uses the OpenGL standard to massively parallelise spatial calculations via algorithmic methods designed to run on high-performance modern graphics processor devices. Doing so allows production of a pixel-fine field of quantitative results, across hundreds of thousands of points, in near real-time. 

Drivers for OpenGL are usually bundled with standard operating system graphics driver support software. In some instances, users may need to update such drivers. The software performs optimally on computer systems with a modern, discrete, graphics card, such as an NVidia GForce GT7XX, AMD Radeon R9 M370X, or higher specification. It has a good functionality on 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro OSX machines from 2015 onwards; Dell XPS 15 series laptops; and any Windows PC workstation with a contemporary 3d rendering setup. 

Older machines may struggle to deliver the performance levels required to run the Isovist_App well.