Sometimes errors in a drawing are only spotted after import and need to be fixed; or users may wish to test the outcome of spatial interventions to an analysis result. To allow this, the Isovist_App includes a basic set of drawing editing tools. To edit an imported drawing:

  • Open the ‘Drawing and Setup menu’.
  • Select ‘Edit Drawing’, followed by the option that reflects the type of changes that you wish to make; either ’Edit Solid Lines’, ‘Edit Transparent Lines’, or ‘Edit Reflective Lines’.
  • Now select ‘Tool Options’, followed by either ‘Line tool’, ‘Rectangle tool’, ‘Circle tool’ or ‘Selection tool’.
  • Once a tool is selected, lines can be drawn to the screen using the cursor. To delete a line or series of lines, select them and press the ‘Delete selection’ button in the Drawing and Setup menu.
  • Once the required edits have been made, it is advisable to re-check the selected analysis areas.

Below: Editing a drawing and setting up a scan