5.4 Notes and Acknowledgements

Citation: McElhinney, S. (2024), ‘The Isovist_App: a basic user guide’, v1.7


Version 1.7 © Copyright Sam McElhinney & isovists.org 2024 

[Version 1.7 is a major update to accompany the release of isovist_2.4.9 in February 2024]

The author makes absolutely no warranty that the information in this document is correct. The guide is intended to provide a ‘how to’ primer on as many aspects of the isovist software as possible. Please report any issues or omissions that are of concern.


Thank you to Michael Benedikt, for his guidance and friendship, to Sophia Psarra and Stephen Gage, for setting me on this path, and to Lizzie, for her patience and support.

Dedicated to Aoife, Afra and Evelyn.