3.3.3 Export numeric field data from all locations

To export a data file containing numeric analysis field data:

  • Import and set up a drawing for field analysis as normal.
  • Open the ‘Field Analysis menu’, and run the analysis in the advanced mode if all measures are required.
  • Select a field analysis for display on screen from either the ‘Isovist’ or ‘Space Syntax’ measures options. Wait… for the data representation to reach a stable condition.
  • Think about how much data you want to deal with. Our fields are very dense, with hundreds of thousands of points. You may prefer a decimated field; in which case select the ‘downsample data export’ option in the fields menu. 
  • Select ‘Import/Export’ from the primary menu at the top left of the screen, and then ‘Export raw data’. A file dialogue box should subsequently open to allow a file to be named and saved.
  • On pressing ‘Ok’ in the file dialogue, the software will export a CSV data file, with fields for all point coordinates within the analysis area, and every value, for every scan measure, at each point. The data resolution is set at the same resolution as the scan itself, and so can be large.
  • Wait… The data export can take time due to the volume of information involved. Once export has commenced, normal scan analysis will resume; export occurring in parallel as a background function. Whilst export continues, the ‘exit’ button in the user menu will be greyed out.
  • The resulting data file can be opened and reviewed in Microsoft Excel. If the original import drawing file was a .dxf or .dwg format with geo locational data, then the export data coordinates should preserve this information for aligned import into GIS interfaces.