3.1.2 Optimise and troubleshoot drawing imports

A little extra care during the preparation of a drawing can pay dividends for ease of subsequent analysis. Key points to be aware of include:

  • Avoid unnecessary detail. The fewer lines used to describe a drawing, the faster the analysis will run and the clearer the outcomes will be. Details included in CAD are often extraneous to the issues of spatial definition; such details should be turned off if possible, or allocated as ‘annotations’.
  • Check the drawing to ensure that the lines intersect. Small gaps between line ends or where walls meet, can occasionally cause issues in the scan calculations; for instance, causing false results in an occlusivity field.
  • Wherever possible, simple lines, basic shapes (circles, rectangles), and smoothed curves should be used in the drawing, rather than many very small fragment segments.
  • If your import issue is persistent, please notify us and we will try and assist you.