As a result of its underlying algorithms, the Isovist_App does not necessarily define a moment when a field is ‘completed’. Instead it iterates continually, with results rapidly attaining visual and statistical stability (Psarra and McElhinney, 2014). The adoption of a temporal process of development of calculation allows for the measurement of a novel value of ‘spatial wobble’ that can be used to quantify properties of complexity within a plan (McElhinney, 2024, see also section 3.4.10).

All of the fields produced by the Isovist_App adopt a default representation that grades from the highest value in red, through orange, yellow and green, to the lowest value in blue-purple. Users can view calculation progress in real time, allowing for consideration of field results whilst they attain a consistent state. The latter, not entirely incidentally, makes watching the Isovist_App in action both enjoyable and educational too.