3.2.4 Measure isovist values at the cursor location

The Isovist_App allows real time exploration of isovist metrics at points chosen by the user. To do so:

  • Import the drawing to be analysed and check that the drawing scale is set to an appropriate value.
  • Select ‘Point Isovists’ from the dropdown at the top of the Isovist analysis menu.
  • Switch on the required visible spatial types for analysis (i.e. Accessible, Visible, Reflected or Spectral) in the isovist analysis menu.
  • Set any preferred isovist parameters (i.e. sweep, direction, or rims) in the isovist analysis menu.
  • Select ‘Show isovist point values’ from the isovist analysis menu. Doing so should reveal a magenta box in the lower left corner of the screen, with a list of metric titles (area, perimeter, and so forth).
  • Move the cursor to the location to be examined. The values in the magenta box should update to reflect the isovist calculated the location of the cursor. Remember that the numeric values are dependent on the drawing unit scale previously set.

When accessible and visible isovists are drawn simultaneously, a ‘Motor Containment’ value is displayed in the isovist menu. Motor Containment is the ratio between the accessible area and visible area viewed from the cursor location.