To export numeric metric data based on specific user selected isovist geometries:

  • Set up the desired point isovists on the screen using the isovist analysis menu options.
  • Select ‘Import/Export’ from the primary menu at the top left of the screen, and then ‘Export raw data’. A file dialogue box should subsequently open to allow a file to be named and saved.
  • On pressing ‘Ok’ in the file dialogue, the software will export a CSV data file, with coordinate fields for all point isovists within the analysis areas and a numeric value for every isovist metric. Remember that the numeric values are dependent on the drawing unit scale previously set.
  • The resulting data file can be opened and reviewed in Microsoft Excel. If the original import drawing file was a .dxf or .dwg format with geo locational data, then the export data coordinates should preserve this information for aligned import into GIS interfaces.